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Skulls have several interpretations and uses including the symbol of life after death, transformation or change (the Death card in the Tarot), to represent the house of the soul (Celtic culture),to celebrate the memory of the dead (Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico)  or as a good luck charm to ward off evil or illness and  to insure protection and well-being.
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  • Angel of Hades Skull
    Angel of Hades Skull (QV23MPN)
    Even in the deepest, darkest circles of hell redemption may rise on secret wings. Approximate Dimensions: Width 6.9" x Height 5.5" x Depth 4.7" Origin: Designed in England, manufactured in China.  Materials: Resin
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  • Skull Lighter Or Philosophy
    Skull Lighter Or Philosophy (QAAZ10MPN)
    Zippo style refillable lighter with Or Philosophy Pewter Casting.

    Approximate Dimensions: Width 1.54" x Height 2.28" x Depth 0.83" Materials: Chrome Plated Brass with Fine English Pewter Casting

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    Ever get so lost in thought that you lose track of time? This statue can relate! A whimsical take on the famous "The Thinker" statue.
    Product specification: Material(s):RESIN, FELT PADS   Weight 3 pounds 3.85 pounds 25.1 pounds Dimensions 6" x 4.5" x 12.8".
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  • skull bookends
     This skull duo can fit a whole bunch of books between them! Made from polyresin, these detailed and whimsical skull figurines will smile while keeping your favorite stories neatly organized.  Each is approximately 4" x 3 7/8" x 4 1/2" high.  Material(s):RESIN

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  • Skull LED Orb
    Ghoulish glow and spooky style can be yours all year long with this cool polyresin figurine. This detailed skull holds a glass orb in his mouth that lights up with help from an LED bulb and three little batteries. Great for your entry way or porch on Halloween! 
    Material(s): POLYRESIN, GLASS, LED LIGHT.  Weight 0.4 pounds  Dimensions 3" x 4.75" x 4" 6.
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  • Skulls Bones Goblet
    Skulls Bones Goblet (QRC603MPN)
    A grim chalice formed as if from the spine and skulls of some dark god's victims. Stainless steel insert for drinking. Stainless Steel, Cold Cast Resin.
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  • Skull with Headphones Bank
    Skull with Headphones Bank (QFB604MPN)
    Skull with Headphones bank. A grim reminder that bad music literally can rot your mind and body. This bank in the form of skull comes wearing a pair of full aural headphones and a skull and cross bones snapback. A slot just behind the band of the headphones will allow you to insert coins and other small tokens and a formed rubbery plastic plug in the base will allow for removal. Cold Cast Resin. 5 1/2" x 6"
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  • Skull with Red Hat Bank
    Skull with Red Hat Bank (Q2674MPN)
    Skull with Red Hat Bank.   5 1/2 x 6 /12 x 4 inches.   Cold Cast Resin
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  • Salem Witch Skull Statue
    Salem Witch Skull Statue (QSS849MPN)
    A woderfully detailed skull coverd with an acurate map of colonial Salem as it was during the Salem witch craze. The attached pentacle necklace and chain are not removable. Cold Cast Resin. 5 3/4" x 5" x 4 3/4"
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  • Steampunk Skull Statue
    Steampunk Skull Statue (QSS649MPN)
    Steampunk Skull Treasure Box is a part of the Colonel J. Fizziwigs Collection. Made of hand painted cold cast resin. 7 1/2".
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  • Skull Raven Statue
    Skull Raven Statue (QSS560MPN)
    A finely detailed raven perched atop a perfectly detailed skull. Cold Cast Resin. 6 1/2" x 4" x 3"
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  • doom rider oil warmer
    Get your motor running with this rollicking oil warmer. A grinning skeleton rides his flame-covered chopper motorcycle through fire and brimstone as two seated skeletons see and speak no evil. Add your favorite scented oil to the clear glass basin to fill your room with spirited aroma. Dimensions 5.5" x 6" x 9" . Light bulb and oil not included.
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