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  • Red Dragon Shot Glass
    Dragon Shot Glasses Choice of Color (QRSG007MPN)
     ..featured are  beautifully painted cold cast resin dragon shot glasses with stainless steel insert.
    Choice of colors. 2.25 Inches Tall.
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  • Zombie Bust Statue
    Zombie Bust Statue (QSZ368MPN)
    A zombie bust made from cold cast resin and hand painted to show all the gory detail. 6 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 2 1/4"
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  • Purple Dragon Chalice
    Dragon Chalices Choice of Color (QRC005MPN)
      ...featured are  beautifully painted cold cast resin dragon chalices (goblets) with stainless steel insert.
    Choice of colors. 5 Inches Tall.
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  • Triple Moon Altar Bell
    Triple Moon Altar Bell (FB105C)
    Small and portable, the triple moon altar Bell design can serve to invoke the goddess with grace, with its light ringing calling her attention to your ritual. 2 1/2" x 1 3/4"
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  • Thor Bust Statue
    Thor Bust Statue (QST451MPN)
    Fully capturing this fierce aspect of, this cold cast resin bust presents the head and shoulders of Thor, with a single arm rising up to cross his chest, its hand gripping the fabled hammer Mjolnir. 14" Tall.
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  • Brigid Goddess Statue
    Brigid Goddess Statue (QSB277MPN)
    Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth), poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity, is celebrated in many European countries. She is known by many names, including that of Saint Brigid who is, perhaps, the most powerful religious figure in Irish history. Hand Painted Resin 3 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 8"
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  • Raven Looking Down Statue
    Raven Looking Down Statue (QSR729MPN)
    Reminiscent of the poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, this detailed statue portrays a raven looking down, offering somewhat of a more sinister perspective upon the noble raven. 5 1/2" x 6" x 2 1/2"
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  • Tree of Life Herb Cupboard
    Tree of Life Herb Cupboard (FBWB405)
    Featuring multiple drawers and storage areas, this herb Chest has been beautifully engraved with the Tree of Life - a symbol representing the bridging of heaven and earth. 8" x 6" x 5"
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  • Floral Stash Box
    Floral Stash Box (FB46)
    Perfect for holding your tarot deck, herbs, and ritual tools, this handcrafted Stash Box has been engraved in intricate floral designs. 4" x 6"
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  • Crone Statue
    Crone Statue (QSC854MPN)
    The oldest and wisest guise of the Goddess, the Crone is shown here leaning on a knrled and withered staff as old as she is.  Highlist are delicately picked out in colors set against the bronze base of the statue. Cold cast resin. 5 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"
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    Graceful Asian fountain has the authentic look of hand-hewn stone; a dramatic addition to your outdoor d
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  • Praying Monk Statue
    Praying Monk Statue (QSM832MPN)
    A calm and serene monk in quiet prayer; the perfect accent to your area dedicated to contemplation. Hand painted cold cast resin. 9 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 4 1/2"
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  • Frigga Goddess Norse Statue
    Frigga Goddess Norse Statue (QSF057MPN)
    The powerful prophetess and wife of Odin, Frigga is shown here with a mighty staff and shield. Cold cast resin. 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 2 3/4"
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  • Lilith, Invisibility When Needed (GA17)
    Winged immortal, Galraedia’s Angel of Dark Wisdom, Lilith walks The Path of Tangled Dreams bringing invisibility when needed. Produced in pewter, enhanced with Swarovski crystals and/or gold and provided with a chain. 
    1 3/4 x 7/8 ".
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  • Triquetra Altat Bell
    Triquetra Altar Bell (FB105B)
    Engraved with triquetra and Celtic knot work designs on opposing sides, this altar Bell is perfectly sized for use on your altar or within your ritual space. 2 1/2" x 1 3/4"
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  • Meditative Yoga Goddess Statue
    Meditative Yoga Goddess Statue (QSY437MPN)
    Our ever popular Yoga Goddess line has expanded once again to include our favorite versions yet! Their aura seemingly permeates…bringing calm and serenity to your home or office. Made of sandstone resin, 8.7” H
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  • Hecate Greek Goddess Statue
    Hecate Greek Goddess Statue (QSH722MPN)
    Familiar with the process of death and dying as well as that of new birth and new life, the goddess Hecate was wise in all of earth's mysteries.Although her name may mean "The Distant One", Hecate is always close at hand in times of need, helping us to release the old, familiar ways and find our way through new beginnings. Goddess Hecate (bronze). Cold Cast Bronze 6" x 6" x 11 1/4"
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  • Tree of Life Wall D
    Tree of Life Wall Decor (QST565MPN)
    A powerful and deep yet simple symbol of Nature's power and eternal cycles. Wood. Steel Hanger. 6" x 3/4".
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  • Greenman Statue
    Greenman Statue (QSG604MPN)
    The Greenman is found in ancient cultures around the world as a symbol of rebirth and nature and is one of the few early Gods to survive as a Christian symbol. Cold cast resin. 10 1/2
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  • Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame
    Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame (QRAKGC1MPN)
    This athame blade is high quality stainless steel with full length blade through hilt. The applied amulet is a Goddess on a crescent moon. Use for circle casting or for any purpose. Has leather sheath 9" 1/2", 4" sharpened blade.
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  • 2016 Faerie Houses Calendar
    2016 Faerie Houses Calendar (QB16FAECMPN)
    The Faerie Houses wall calendar reveals a magical world of handcrafted faerie castles and cottages, fanciful fairy retreats and sanctuaries, and habitable hobbit hideaways. Celebrated environmental artist Sally J. Smith builds these exquisite creations from materials found in the wild. Each house begins as a collection of bark, twigs, mosses, and stones and is finished with touches of fragile blossoms, ferns, and butterfly wings to add to their ethereal beauty. When complete, the houses are placed in a natural setting so perfectly suited that they seem surely to have been crafted by fairy hands. 12" x 12"
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  • 2016 Astrological Calendar
    2016 Astrological Calendar (QB16ASTWMPN)
    Let the stars and planets guide you to a prosperous year. Featuring monthly horoscopes, an astrology primer, and beautiful original artwork by Kim Kincaid. Included within: Monthly horoscopes by Lesley Francis, An introduction to astrology, Best days for planting and fishing, Travel and vacation forecasts, Gorgeous and inspiring artwork, Major daily aspects, monthly ephemerides, and 2016 eclipses Retrograde notations for Mercury, Venus, and Mars. 12" x 12"
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  • 2016 Alchemy Gothic Calendar
    2016 Alchemy Gothic Calendar (QB16ALCWMPN)
    Discover the cunning beauty of ravens and roses in this gorgeously illustrated sixteen-month calendar. Featuring an incredible collection of gothic artwork, the Alchemy 1977 Gothic 2016 Calendar includes a designed grid for each month. Every image in this calendar evokes a romantic yet sinister mood, reminding us that no rose is without its thorns, no raven without its shadow. Dark, mystical, and distinctive, this calendar will guide you throughout the year with remarkable scenes and stunning subjects.
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  • 2016 Astrological Pocket Planner
    2016 Astrological Pocket Planner (QB16ASTPMPN)
    Plan important events, set goals, and organize your life with Llewellyn’s award-winning datebook, the only one that offers three years of ephemeris and aspectarian data. Comprehensive and compact, Llewellyn’s 2016 Astrological Pocket Planner is perfect for beginners and advanced astrologers alike. Choose the best dates for special occasions, pinpoint the optimal times to start new projects, avoid planetary pitfalls, and more.
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    RED DRAGON CANDLE HOLDER - Quantity Discount (Q17302MPN)
    Create legendary style in your home with this medieval candle holder. A fierce red dragon scales a skull-capped goblet in this finely detailed polyresin candle accessory. Candle not included. 
    Product specification:
    Material(s): POLYRESIN
    Dimensions 6.5" x 4" x 9" 0"
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  • Maeve Statue
    Maeve Statue (QSM884MPN)
    Maeve (Medb) the great Celtic warrior queen. Many legends of her in this world and some consider her as Goddess. This brick red statue is very detailed with many symbols of her station. Cold cast resin. Felt covered bottom 11"
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  • Tree of Life Stash Box (FBB90)
    The Tree of Life herb Stash Box offers you a place to store your herbs and ritual tools while accenting your sacred space with the image of the Tree of Life. 6 x 9 x 2 5/8 ".
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    Two dragons face off  in this dramatically medieval wall plaque. Intertwined tails make these dragons perfect protectors.
    Product specification:
    Material(s): POLYRESIN, METAL
    Dimensions 10.5" x 2" x 17.5"
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  • Chakra Wooden Cupboard
    7 Chakra Wooden Cupboard (FBMWY2)
    Depicting a man sitting in the lotus position, and marked with the seven Chakras, this wooden Cupboard is a wonderful addition to the altar. 11
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  • Happy Buddha Statue
    Happy Buddha Statue (QSB599MPN)
    This jolly Buddha often called Happy or Laughing Buddha is named Hotei in China and brings gifts, nourishment, enjoyment, good fortune, and more. Hand Painted Resin 8 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 10 5/8"
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    DRAGON WARRIOR FANTASY STATUE - Quantity Discount (Q17313MPN)
    In gleaming armor, this fierce red dragon warrior is ready to ride into battle upon his black steed. The midnight black horse is also outfitted in glorious armor, with his mane and tail blowing in the medieval wind. This statue is the perfect gift for the dragon collector in your life. 
    Product specification:
    Material(s): POLYRESIN
    Dimensions 12" x 3.5" x 11.8"
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  • QSC882MPN
    Cerridwen Statue (QSC882MPN)
    Cerridwen - the goddess kneeling beside her magic cauldron. This heavy resin casting is detailed and elaborate. She is keeper of the cauldron. Finish is earth tone brick - terracotta. 9" h x 8" w.
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  • 2016 Woodland Faeries Wall
    2016 Woodland Faeries Wall (QB16WODWMPN)
    Deep within the forest realm, enchanting sprites, playful pixies, and other wondrous spirits of nature call to you. Join them on a yearlong journey full of incredible magic and grace with Llewellyn’s Woodland Faeries Calendar. Renowned fantasy artist Linda Ravenscroft’s gorgeous and compelling illustrations guide you from month to month, helping you keep track of important dates and holidaysncluding major religious and British holidays—as well as moon phase information. 12" x 12"
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  • Freya Saga Tankard - Quantity Discount (QAAT7MPN)
    The handle is exquisitely modeled on the mythological Viking Goddess Freya. This Pewter tankard has a capacity of approximately 16 oz. (1 Pint)
    Approximate Dimensions:
    Width 5.47" x Height 5.12" x Depth 4.13"
    Fine English Pewter
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  • Fierce Dragon Statue - Quantity Discount (Q17304MPN)
    A finely detailed dragon statue. This dragon stands on all four with wings spread,.
    Material(s): POLYRESIN
    Dimensions 8" x 4.5" x 7.25"

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  • Tibetan Buddha Statue
    Tibetan Buddha Statue (QSB504MPN)
    This meditation shrine features a threefold representation of the Buddha. This wonderful trinity devotional is perfect for meditation or decorating your sacred space or altar. The figures on the left and right are on doors that may be opened or closed. Cold cast resin. Closed 3 1/4" x 6" Open 7 1/2" x 6"
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