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  • Full Moon Ritual Kit
    Full Moon Ritual Kit (QRKCFULMPN)
    A bagged ritual kit with various components including detailed instructions for a full moon celebration ritual. Perfect as an aid in celebrating the full moon for solitary practitioners and covens alike. All instructions and guides are printed in English & French. Some kits include loose material which may be used as incense. Peg board ready. Made in Canada.
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  • Triple Moon Altar Bell
    Triple Moon Altar Bell (FB105C)
    Small and portable, the triple moon altar Bell design can serve to invoke the goddess with grace, with its light ringing calling her attention to your ritual. 2 1/2" x 1 3/4"
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  • Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame
    Celtic Full Moon Goddess Athame (QRAKGC1MPN)
    This athame blade is high quality stainless steel with full length blade through hilt. The applied amulet is a Goddess on a crescent moon. Use for circle casting or for any purpose. Has leather sheath 9" 1/2", 4" sharpened blade.
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  • 2016 Lunaria Calendar
    2016 Lunaria Calendar (QB16LUNCMPN)
    The Lunaria wall calendar is the perfect instrument to help us live in harmony with the powerful effects of the moon, planets, and seasons. 12" x 12"
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  • 2016 Moon Sign Book
    2016 Moon Sign Book (QB16MOOMPN)
    For more than one hundred years, this easy-to-use guide has provided detailed times and dates to help you achieve success. Use the moon's dynamic energies to get the best results for: Planting, Hunting, Fishing, Buying a Car, Training Pets, Asking for a Loan, Investing, Brewing, Entertaining, Starting a New Business, Household Chores, Buying Electronics, Weeding, Home Repairs, Canning, Breaking Habits, And Much More With lunar timing tips on planting and harvesting and a guide to companion plants, Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book is a gardener's best friend. Additionally, discover tips on how to get and stay healthy, take care of your garden in the winter months, reclaim the moon in midlife, work with spring bulbs, and live green. Economic forecasts Detailed weather predictions for each region Best dates for relationships, business, finances, and more Weekly pages featuring tips for growing fruits and vegetables A monthly lunar aspectarian with moon tables
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  • Fairy Leather Journal
    Fairy Leather Journal (QBBBLF710MPN)
    Fairy leather w/ latch. Hand tooled lined leather journal with embossed fairy. Border & backside embossing may vary. Size may vary slightly. Leather, handmade paper. 240 pages, latch closure. 7” x 10”
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  • Phul's Moon, Quartz for Transformation (QBG16MPN)
    Quartz mounted on the horns of a cusp moon above the Sigil of Phul, the Spirit of the Moon, for transformation. Set in 925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond with and promote the specific benefits of each Gemstone. Formed in the heart of the earth these gemstones are almost as old as the earth itself and hold the secrets of our ancestor's past. Mounted on a black cord and presented in a purple satin pouch, each Gemstone has it's own unique energy, vibration and aura. Approximate Size: 1" x 1/2 "
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  • Moon Falls Mythic Art Print
    Moon FallsMythic Art Print (QTBM05MPN)
    Size: 12 x 16" (300 x 405mm)
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  • Moon Phase Athame
    Moon Phase Athame (RAK28)
    With a non-slip rubberized grip, this ritual Athame depicts moon phases, bringing their power further into your magic. Cannot ship to MA or CA. 9 1/2" - 5" blade.
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  • Triple Moon Pentagram Stash Box (FB700)
    This Stash Box offers you the unique construction of a wooden Stash Box with a peaked lid, plated in antiqued copper to offer an old-world style perfect for any altar. 4 x 6'.
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  • TRiple Moon Cupboard
    Triple Moon Herb Cupboard (FBWB435)
    Engraved with the triple moon symbol of the Goddess; this herb Stash Box is a delightful place to store your herbal mixtures and spell charms. 8 x 6".
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  • Sun Moon Stash Box Brass Inlaid (FB821)
    A celestial theme of Sun, Moon and Stars plays across the lid of this beautifully stained Stash Box in brass inlays. 4" x 6"
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  • Moon altar Bell
    Moon altar Bell (FB106C)
    Representing the goddess with the triple moon symbol, this altar Bell is a powerful and lovely tool for your altar space and ceremonies. 5" x 2 1/4"
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