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About Us

We are featuring a unique collection of mystical and fantasy products and have done so since 1999.

We are noted for:

• Top quality products
• Best customer service

We sell a variety of products including:

Mythical Decor -

 Celtic, Norse, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Alchemy, Christian, Eastern and Goddess Statues.


Oil and Incense Burners, Journals, Stash Boxes, Candle Holders, Cauldrons, Chalices, Clocks, Crystal Balls, Stands and Scrying Mirrors, Spirit Boards, Singing Bowls,Herbs, Jewelry, Pendulums, Ritual Tools and Spell Supplies, Rune Sets, Wall Scrolls and Wind Chimes, Day of the Dead, Steampunk.

Many products offered are decorated  with symbols or have legendary attributes.  We make no claims that any symbol will empower you. We may provide their history or modern  interpretation as a point of reference.